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Todd Swift is one of the most exciting and eclectic young writers to emerge in Canada. Over the last years he has continuously explored new genres and themes, writing in a variety of styles, including work for television, film, radio, theatre, CD, spoken word and the printed page. He has also become recognized as one of North America’s leading poetry activists and is involved internationally in the promotion of performance poets, through his various cabaret events and other related projects. As performer, writer, impresario and editor, (of the significant anthologies Map-Makers’ Colours: New Poets of Northern Ireland and Poetry Nation: The North American Anthology of Fusion Poets), he has defined a new kind of cosmopolitan panache for the idea of the poet as key figure at the start of the new millennium.

Critical Comment

“Swift’s poems move between the familiar and exotic, from the meditative through the speculative. His poetic language too is on the move, from the crisp tentativeness of Elizabeth Bishop to the outer suburbs of Wallace Stevens and even, here and there, Ginsberg. The intimate is always threatened: reality is challenged by its myths. These poems show a young man exploring the world before him with intelligence, grace, even a certain bravado. They make a very auspicious first collection.”

— George Szirtes (British poet, author of Selected Poems, Oxford University Press, 1996)

“Swift writes like something still matters, but he doesn’t know what. Dark and dangerous, Swift offers us a requiem for the century. Budavox is ... one of the five best and darkest works of 1999.”

— Hal Niedzviecki, Geist

Author Todd Swift

Author Biography

Todd Swift was born in Montreal on Good Friday, 1966. He is the author or editor of seven books of poetry. During his college years he was a champion debater, and upon graduation wrote many hours of TV. In 1997 he was given the Young Quebecer of the Year Award in the Arts and Education category, for his poetry projects. From 1998-2001 he was Visiting Lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, specializing in courses on poetry and film. In late 2001 he moved to Paris where he lived and wrote for two years. His work has appeared on stage and radio in many countries. He has been poetry editor of nthposition.com since 2002. In 2003 he was editorial coordinator for Poets Against The War. He has reviewed for Books in Canada, Poetry London, and The Dubliner, among others. He lives in London, England, with his wife.

Also by the Author

Café Alibi, 76 pp., 5 x 8, August 2002, Poetry — ISBN: 0-919688-53-5 (paper) ... $14.95 — ISBN: 0-919688-55-1 (Bound) ... $26.95

Rue du Regard, 96 pp., 6 x 8, July 2004, Poetry — ISBN: 0-919688-11-x (paper) ... $14.95 — ISBN: 0-919688-13-6 (Bound) ... $26.95

The Moosehead Anthology X: Future Welcome, ed. Todd Swift, 205 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, December 2005, Anthology — ISBN: 1-897190-06-9 (paper) ... $18.95

“There’s as much energy in Budavox: Poems (1990-1999).... Swift...writes with assurance, verve and distinctiveness that many older poets would envy .... His examinations of violence are particularly compelling.”

— Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, National Post

“Swift is a voice for our time.”

—Derek Mahon (Ireland)

“Luminous, unexpected, lovely and unsettling.”

— Nicole Blackman (USA)

“Swift’s eerie verse transforms suspicion to the lyrical. Kevin Spacey shakes hands with Catullus, savage and gentlemanly.”

— Regie Cabico (USA)

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Budavox, Todd Swift, 94 pp., 5 x 8, Poetry, August, 1999

ISBN: 0-919688-46-2 (paper) . . . $14.95

ISBN: 0-919688-48-9 (Bound). . . $25.95