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Poetry by Todd Swift

England is Mine

England is Mine

Todd Swift’s seventh collection of poems takes on the foreign coolness, tone, and lingo of London in the present, while the poet’s Montreal past arrives in waves of defiance, solace, and reverie. In poems that demonstrate Swift’s abilities as a poet, on the one hand, to out-move The Movement (out bicycle-clip Larkin) and to revive the British Revival on the other, this collection pushes old, droll Mr. Poetic Persona to the brink of discovering an urgent, idealistic, youthful self within. Public, intimate, clever, and heartbreakingly sad, England is Mine reveals a poet at the height of his engagement with the lyric idiom.

Critical Comment

“Todd Swift has a remarkably capacious imagination.”

–Montreal Review of Books, 2004


“We are lucky to have him overseas contributing to this impressive catalogue of written work.... A shape shifter with a heart for Canada. Swift is one to recall, savour, and watch.”

–The Globe and Mail, March 2005

“One of Swift’s endearing qualities is that he pays as much attention to the small people in his life, as he does to his mentors and great artists.... Swift‘s best poems are restrained, tight-lipped and tempered, yet full of sombre and subtle allusion.”

–Books in Canada, Feb. 2005

“Todd Swift might be thought of as a cosmopolitan, ... savvy, well read, travelled poet ... a promising poet whose work is entertaining, ingenious, humorous and likeable....”

–Poetry London, No. 50, Spring 2005



Author Todd Swift

Author Biography

Todd Swift is a widely known poet, critic and cultural organizer. He is a lecturer at Kingston University in English Literature and Creative Writing and a tutor for The Poetry School. He has published six full collections of poetry, the first four from DC Books. His most recent collections are Seaway: New and Selected Poems (Salmon, 2008) and Mainstream Love Hotel (Tall-lighthouse, 2009), and a free-to-download ebook from Argotist, Experimental Sex Hospital. Todd has edited or co-edited many international anthologies, including Poetry Nation, 100 Poets Against The War, and (with Evan Jones) Modern Canadian Poets (Carcanet, 2010).


England is Mine, Todd Swift, 106 pp., 5x 8, Poetry, November 2011

ISBN: 0-919688-61-1 (paper)...$16.95

ISBN: 0-919688-62-x, (Bound)* ... $31.95

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hard cover, no dust jacket.

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