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Moosemilk ed. by Patti Sonntag & Grant Loewen

The Moosehead Anthology 7

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The Moosehead Anthology 7: Moosemilk

Moosemilk, an old-time Canadian idiom meaning bootleg or homemade liquor, refers here to the variety and vintage of the work within these covers. Nine Moosehead Reviews and six Moosehead Anthologies saw publication between 1977 and 1999 — a great store of spirits! Here is some of the best stuff, the most readable, memorable and intoxicating....

Mooseheads have been edited and produced from the beginning by Robert Allen and Steve Luxton, along with the many distillers, imbibers and runners who have inhabited or drifted through the lively writing scene of Montreal and the Eastern Townships. The selection in Moosemilk was made by writers reading writers. There’s sex, death, farming, childhood and, of course, writing... always a connection to that vocation of pain and pleasure.

Critical Comment

“Any reader of this collection cannot avoid being struck by its eclecticism.... Everything in it is of high quality and within each section we find a variety of styles and attitudes.... The anthology is recommended to anyone interested in contemporary writing.”

— Canadian Book Review Annual, 2000




Dannie Abse, George Amabile, Roo Borson, Andy Brown, J.V. Brummels, Leonard Cohen, Jan Conn, Julio Cotázar, Su Croll, Lorna Crozier, Ann Diamond, Pier Giorgio di Cicco, Golda Fried, Gary Geddes, James Hathaway, Pauline Holdstock, Alexander Hutchison, D.G. Jones, Steve Katz, Patrick Lane, Robert Majzels, Jennifer Mitton, Taien Ng-Chan, Ken Norris, Al Purdy, Leon Rooke, Renee Salama, Rina Singh, Josef Skvorecky, Elizabeth Spencer, John Steffler, Eva Tihanyi, Rhea Tregebov, and Frederick Turner....

Moosemilk: The Moosehead Anthology VII,ed. Patti Sonntag & Grant Loewen, 114 pp., 6x 9, Anthology, November 1999

ISBN: 978-0-919688-52-0 (paper). . .$16.95

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