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A Novel by Keith Henderson

Sasquatch and the Green Sash

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Sasquatch and the Green Sash

Gavin McHenry is a lonely, restless man. Even among the beautiful and bountiful yuletide merriment of his cousin Arthur LeMagne’s Christmas feast, the RCMP constable stands apart, brooding and regretful. Then a strange Sasquatch on a sled crashes the party and challenges him to a cruel game. A kind of duel, it will lead to other tests along the way as a year hence Gavin goes in search of the beast the Dene Nation call Nuk-luk.

Is the young constable just an old-fashioned Canadian adventurer or a retro Millennial adrenalin junkie? Gavin’s struggle for virtuous action and nobility of soul in a self-serving world of violent deceit and sexual treachery may be that of every man and woman alive today. In Sasquatch and the Green Sash, Keith Henderson’s narrator presents a scarily enchanting and thrilling tale of two determined, duty-bound adversaries. Gavin’s struggle is ours, and something to savour for sure…but maybe not too sweetly?

One thing clear through all the snow and ice and race to win is what some will risk to gain or lose, be it love or fame through sin and dishonour in the perilous Arctic mountains of Canada’s mystical north.

Critical Comment

“Henderson retells a powerful tale with dignity and grace, successfully transplanting a poem rooted in the mediaeval Arthurian past into a particularly Canadian mythos.”


Listen to the CKUT interview with Keith Henderson and Giuliana Pendenza on the subject of Sasquatch and the Green Sash

“[Henderson] speaks of the allegory of the original medieval poem and how it is a fitting symbol of our own troubled age, which he sees as devoid of spirituality, morality, and honor (not just in the chivalric sense, but in the greater context of personal virtue). ...He has written his own allegory... founded upon a natural archetype, something that he and I believe are in danger of being lost in our not only secular but also anti-intellectual world.”

– Zsolt Alapi, Montreal Rampage, April 2019

“The story-telling tradition would never have become a tradition if people hadn’t been willing to work on variations of what came before, and in Sasquatch and the Green Sash, Henderson takes Sir Gawain and the Green Knight further afield than most would dare. Describing his project in the acknowledgements as ‘a hybrid thing, at once an adaptation, translation, and Canadianization,’ he makes good on all three claims.”

– Ian McGillis Montreal Review of Books, March 2019

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Author Keith Henderson

Keith author

Author Biography

Keith Henderson has published four other novels, (The Restoration, 1994, The Beekeeper, 1990, The Roof Walkers , 2013, and Acqua Sacra, 2016), a collection of political essays from when he was Quebec columnist for the Financial Post (Staying Canadian, 1997), as well as a prize-winning collection of short stories, (The Pagan Nuptials of Julia, 2006.) He led a small provincial political party in Quebec during the separatist referendum of 1995 and championed English language rights and the “poison pill” strategy of partitioning Quebec if ever Quebec partitioned Canada. He taught English Literature for many years at Vanier College in Montreal.

Visit Keith Henderson's personal blog.

49th Shelf

Sasquatch and the Green Sash, Keith Henderson, 122 pp., 6.75 x 10, Romance, November 2018

ISBN: 978-1-927599-40-2 (Bound) . . . $29.95

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